60th independence day of Tunisian Republic




Just after 9 years of Pakistani independence, Republic of Tunisia gained freedom from French colonial empire. Knowing the significance of freedom, Pakistan supported Tunisia in its struggle for independence.

Pakistan’s first foreign minister, Sir Zafarullah Khan & renowned Urdu writer, Patras Bokhari were one of the first diplomats to raise a voice in favor of Tunisian people on the floor of United nations security council, for which roads were named after them in Tunisia as a tribute.

Tunisia has always proved a great friend to Pakistan, many successful agreements took place between the two countries related to military cooperation, bi-lateral trades and cultural exchange. During the civil war of Libya in 2011, Tunisia also played host to Pakistani refugees came from Libya.

Works of great Tunisian philosopher Ibn-e-Khaldon also had a great impact on the ideology and literature of sub-continent, which led to the freedom of Pakistan.

These photos were clicked during the 60th independence day of Tunisian Republic observed at Serena, Islamabad, with ambassador of Tunisia to Pakistan, H.E Adel Elarbi

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