A.I Creepiness & Our Online Behavior




If you think the AI of Faceapp is creepy (look at the accuracy of my younger self and my older self compared to my father’s recent click), think again. The creepier fact is the recent concern by the Internet gurus that this Russian app can invade our privacy.

Recently internet activists are sharing the faceapp’s ‘terms & conditions’ on twitter and raising concerns that the app might store our data to their cloud, as the app is in a trend like anything, you never know what they are aiming to, etc.

However, I have another concern, are we thinking about these concerns for popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps (they even know where are you are now… creepy isn’t it)?.

Occasionally, I work on various R&D projects as a volunteer for Google and I am a big advocate that some aspects of collecting and then using the data is necessary for the future face of Internet. Internet Of Things (IOT), AI, machine learning is surely the future and ‘Data’ is the new soil, it is up to us that what we want to cultivate on it.

My opinion is that we should teach ourselves and especially to our younger ones that how to be safe on their own, they should be literate enough to know about the privacy settings and the data they are sharing to the world unknown, just to lower down the creepiness of the internet 😉 .

Note: If you haven’t used Faceapp, don’t be happy, you are already sharing many things through unknown apps on your phone, just try to be more aware how these stuff works.

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