AI Art Generation




The last 120 days have been an absolute roller coaster for me and my immersion in AI-Generated Arts. Every day, a new groundbreaking thing was happening in this industry all over the world, and every day was a new day to learn something new. Obviously, it not only helped me keep learning about how AI will change the world in the near future, but it also made me learn a lot about the history of art movements.
I’d like to thank Kris Kashtanova for being such an inspiration throughout this journey. Saidul Karim and Desty Hotifatruwosa invited me to deliver a lecture to the Google Crowdsource Influencer Academy, which was one of the early inspirations for why I became an A.I enthusiast and how this technology will help the broadcasting industry.
I’m currently working on an A.I.-generated graphic novel based on Arab and Sub-Continent folklore (no spoilers for now:))…wish me luck.

1. Oil painting of an interior with Mughal patterns
2. Charcoal painting of whirling Dervish
3. Acrylic self portrait of myself as a warrior
4. Water color painting with the theme of Kings, War & Chess
5. Color markers drawing as a self portrait of future
6. Water color of study room of Sherlock Holmes
7. Water color painting of Peace in War
For curious friends these images were generated with the help of multiple frameworks and hours of machine learning sessions in Stable diffusion framework

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