Analogy of Arjuna & Teachers’Day




In Indonesian mythology, like Vedic epic, Arjuna is a one of the major heroes of Mahabharta. The master archer was famous for his supreme devotion, perfection, skill, communication and his ethical crisis.
While presenting this precious gift, Mr Isnan Rehmatano, Director Finance, TVRI told me that apart from being handsome like Arjuna (observe my blushing in the picture 😃 ), I displayed the famous traits of this great hero (blushes again), and the way the students showed their respect and love, depicts that I must have displayed the same for my teachers.
Today, on teacher’s day I am thankful to all the teachers who taught me, guided me, mentored me, became a role model for me. The list is huge, but I am one of those blessed ones whom God has always guided through good mentors and teachers.
Lastly, there is one picture which is very special to me, the one with Mr Syafaruddin Sulaiman , head of social Media Department, a very senior broadcaster. Though the picture depicts that I am giving the certificate to him, but the emotion was reversed when I got a pleasant surprise that he was one of the pioneer teams who worked on Curious Labs ‘Poser’. I don’t know how many of you know about this software, but it was one of the major game changers in the history of character animation.

Coincidently when his team released the a version of ‘Poser’ in 1999-2000, I self-taught this amazing software and started to create 3D cartoons, and because of that skill I got my first job in electronic media. So I would like to thank you Mr Syfarudin or like all your pupils describe you as Pak-Guru (Mr Guru), humbled by the respect and love you gave me.

I dont know whether the analogy of Arjuna by Mr Rehmatano was deliberately or impromptu, but I am blessed that the passion I observe in the eyes of my mentees reveal their passion, devotion and pursuance towards the perfection and in return it gives me a sense of responsibility to learn more and pursue my definition of perfection.

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