CNY 2023: Cai Shen & Shishi




Have you wondered that why there are always two lions on either side of King’s throne?

In Chinese culture, the Chinese lion, also known as the “Foo Dog” or “Shishi,” is a traditional symbol of power and protection. The two lions, one on each side of a king’s throne, are frequently used as guardians or protectors of the throne. They are thought to have the ability to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to the ruler.

The lion on the left is traditionally known as the “female lion,” and it is depicted with a ball or cub under its paw, symbolising its nurturing and protective nature. The “male lion” on the right is depicted with a sword or sceptre under its paw, symbolising its strength and power. The two lions represent a balance of yin and yang, with the female representing yin (feminine) qualities and the male representing yang (masculine).

In addition to serving as protectors, lions represent the ruler’s strength and authority. They are frequently depicted as fierce and intimidating, reminding the ruler of his power and ability to protect his kingdom.

The use of these lions in a king’s or emperor’s throne room is thought to have originated in imperial China and is still practised in places such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.

The picture on the right is the Chinese deity of prosperity, and wealth called Cai Shen,

He is also associated with business and commerce, and is often invoked by entrepreneurs, business owners and traders to bring them success in their endeavors. He is also believed to be able to assist in overcoming financial difficulties and to increase one’s wealth and prosperity.

These pictures were clicked during the Chinese New Year 2023 celebrated in Malaysia.

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