Discovering the Mystical History of Kattas Raj: A Journey Through Time




Originally called Katkasha (strings of tears), Kattas Raj holds a very significant place in the history of sub-continent. Vedic Scriptures reveals an event related to Shiv, whose inconsolable grief at the death of his wife Sati led to a rain of tears which formed a pool of water here.

Kattas Raj dates back to 1500 years ago, consisting of 7 temples (Saat Grahas), out of which five are remaining in their original form, were built by famous Panduva Brothers from MahaBharata after defeated by Kuruavas.

These clicks were taken during my recent visit of Kallar Kahar region.

From Left to Right 1 : Ramachandra Temple, Satghara temples
2: Pool of Shiv tears, Ap ka shubh chitak Nabeel Tirmazi 🙂, Hanuman Temple
3: Overview of Katas complex

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