Exploring the World of Documentary Filmmaking at #GzDoc2016




#GzDoc2016 gave me a great oppotunity to meet some of the maestros of documentary filmmaking..learnt quite a lot from them, pitched and discussed some ideas, met broadcasters for seeking opportunities for international collaborations for Pakistan Television…
So overall tried to made as much impact as I ccould as documentary filmmaker and representing Pakistan Television, not only for myself but for overall Pakistani documentary market (will be doing a detail video for young filmmakers of Pakistan).

from left to right :1. Malcolm Clarke, Multiple Oscar awards winner and nominee , Asian producers working with Asian broadcasting union
2. Kenny Bae, head of marketing of Korean broadcasting service , Chung Park mentor for Care7 series (on which I am working for Ptv)
3. Italian filmmakers Anna, Elisa and Serena, Sakai Yukako from NHK Japan

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