Five Phases of Stillness at Mohra Moradu: A Buddhist Monastery in Taxila




Serenity of self is said to be linked with the Stillness; stillness of mind, body, emotions and soul, which leads one to understand the meaning of Universe with more clarity. It is said that there are five phases of stillness:

Silent #Meditation: Closing down the portion of mind dedicated to speech

#Concentration Meditation: The challenge to still the mind and focusing on one thing

Centering Meditation: #Focusing on moment of time and space, releasing negative patterns

Queuing the #Mind: Removing all distractions of doubt

Contemplative #Arts: Introducing aesthetics to environment

Surrounded by beautiful mountains of #Taxila, Buddhist Monastery, #MohraMoradu was built by #Kushan prince, Kujula Kadphises in 2 CE. Inspired by the #Buddhist ideology, the prince ordered to build a place near the city of Sirsukh, where monks can practice their rituals of Stillness and Peace.
The legacy of such serenity still stands in these ruins containing the main stupa, the votive stupa and monastery and is enlisted in world heritage by #UNESCO.

Below are the clicks of my recent visit to Mohra Moradu. One of the highlight here is a statue depicting seven skies, it was built in the honor of the main teacher used to live in that room.

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