From A.I to Law of Attraction




Reading 4 books a month was one of my New year’s resolution…and luckily got the chance to read some of the finest works…

1. Artificial Intelligence: outstanding book if you want to understand the history, opportunities, threats of Artificial Intelligence in 4th Industrial revolution…must read even if you are not related to computer sciences.

2. Steal Like an Artist: though not a new concept for me (found those creative tools while studying NLP) still it was refreshing to read this one.

3. Life after Google: Being a contributor to a couple of Google research projects, it was important to understand that where is our data going and what will be the future of the world after Google.

4. Alchemist: if you haven’t read this it’s a must for everyone…and if you have read it once there is a huge chance that you will read it over and over again in whatever form (hardcopy, ebook, audiobook or graphic novel) (for me it was 10th time)

So guys any interesting book you had read lately?

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