Great Saturday for Networking



Saturday is one day where you have to unplug yourself from the daily rat race which we all indulge ourselves for the first five days of the week from 9 to 5 and onwards.
One thing I learnt from my 20 years old career that successful people try to make their Saturdays productive by networking with new people (not related to their industry), pursuing their hobbies (this is utmost important thing, and watching tv or movies is not a hobby), spending time with themselves and try to analyse the reflection of your past.
So guys try not be lazy on your Saturdays, just slow down your mind for some time, take two steps back and try to invest time in your character building rather than skill building (leave this to rest of 5 days).

A group photo at today’s meet up with Malaysian entrepreneurs/influencers/activists discussing how their failures lead them to success and what is the significance of investing time in building a personal brand.

So guys how are you spending your Saturdays?

Note: if you have this excuse that you are too busy in your weekdays and you really want to take two days off, it’s time to rethink your life plan.

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