Knowledge Exchange Programme 2017



Aiming to promote Sustainable development goals through Media and devising its policy to pursue the targets by 2030, I would really like to thank all of my participating media broadcasters from 10 different countries representing 11 different state braodcasters (you guys really made my first international project a successful one), who participated in the event with full passion and narrated their stories in impactful manner.

Also, would like to thank the team of Broadcaster magazine who published my article on the Impact of media in pursuing SDG Goals. As in my previous video, I mentioned, that during my presentation in CSO Meeting in Manila, I emphasized on the fact that now time has come that media should upgrade its definitions regarding human developmental challenges and integrate these issues with the economy, politics and power rather than highlighting them as an isolated problem of the society.

Row1-Picture 1: Ms Leung from Hong TV interviewing Ms. Koh Miyao Gender Adviser to UNDP Thailand Row1 – Picture 2: Zem Teshring from Bhutan Broadcasting Row 1 – Picture 3: Mr. Hoaliang Xu, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations interviewed by Ms. Shammi From Fiji Broadcasting, Mr. Tareq from Bangladesh Betar and Ms. Camille from TDM Macau

Row2-Picture1: Ms. Jacklyn from NBC Papua New Gunea with Camera team Row2-Picture2: Nabeel Tirmazi with Mr. Chang Jin, Director AIBD Row2-Picture3: Dr. Shams ul Alam Senior Secretary of Bangladesh planning comission interviewed by Mr. Tareq Zahirul Haque

Row3-Picture1: Article regarding Knowledge Exchange Programme by Nabeel Tirmazi (Link: page No. 18)

Row3-Picture1a: Ms. Shamim from Pakistan Broadcasting giving live beeper Row3-Picture2a: Dr. Naba Raj Lamsal from Nepal interviewing SDG Leader from Nepal Row3-Picture3: Nabeel Tirmazi Row3-Picture4a: Mr. Abdulla Rameez from Maldvies interviewing SDG leader from Maldives Row3-Picture4b: Mr. Shane and Ms. Bea from Radio Pilipinas recording their segment


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