Rohtas Fort: Witnessing the Stories of Bravery, Conspiracies and Fear of Potohar’s Fearless Warriors and their Rulers




#History has termed #Ghakhars as fearless warriors who ruled #Potohar region for centuries, till Sher Shah Suri snatched the kingdom from Emperor Humayoun in 1540.
Sher Shah Suri knew that Ghakhars were allies of #Mughal Empire and would revolt against his reign, so he ordered a garrison fort to be built at a distance of 9 miles from #Jhelum, Rohtas Fort.

With circumference of 4 km, 10 to 18 meters in height and 10 to 13 meters thick outer walls, it was nearly impossible for Sultan Adam Khan Ghakhar and Sultan Sarang Ghakhar to siege this outstanding military #architecture.

#Rohtas fort that was once built to crush the power of Ghakars, was handed over to them after Humayon regained the power and Suri Dynasty weakened when Firuz Suri, grandson of Sher Shah #Suri (aged 12) was murdered by his maternal uncle, Adil Shah in greed of ruler ship. Adil Shah was then defeated by his own allies. Thus, ending the great power of Suri Dynasty.

Witnessing the ruler ship of Suris, Ghakhars, Nadir Shah and then Ranjit Singh, this fort still stands with countless stories of governance, bravery, conspiracies and fear.

Below are the pics of my recent visit at Rohtas Fort.

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