Radio Interview on Personal Development




10 years back I used to do a program on Behavioral Psychology along with Sadiq Malik. me being a #Graphologist and he as a #Palmist and the host of the show. Both of us tried to bust various myths and superstitions people had regarding occult sciences.but unfortunately those things still persists even today.

Today I appeared on the show of Rida Imran , Choo lo Aasman for Suno Pakistan FM 89.4 as a Graphologist (handwriting analysis) and I was quite surprised that people were ask about Jado, Toona, Taveez, Dhaga (Black magic etc)….when will I get married, and many more unnatural questions etc. Guess its the time to bust some myths again 😉

I am really thankful to RJ Rida, who interviewed me for Suno Pakistan FM 89.4, for her program Choo Lo Aasmaan, produced by Ammar Alii Kazmi.

Below is the link of that interview, if you feel any difficulty regarding listening this show, kindly do let me know.

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