Reducing Inequalities Through Media



Late Dr Abdul Kalam once said, Building capacity dissolves differences. It irons out inequalities. This was the main context of recently concluded the workshop on ‘Creating compelling stories to reduce inequalities through media’. AIBD and UN Indonesia jointly organized the event in Jakarta, Indonesia. Media being the 4th pillar of democracy has a lot of responsibility to report humanitarian issues in their precise context. One small unethical, biased, misreported or deliberate misrepresentation can create huge challenges for vulnerable communities. 21 broadcasters from various media houses of Indonesia were invited to join this workshop and explore various editorial challenges and dilemmas of reporting such issues.

The main topics of this workshop were: 1. Understanding SDG-10 and reporting vulnerable communities 2. Violence against women (25th Nov is the international observance day as well) 3. Refugee Jounalism 4. Reporting for HIV Aids 5. Gender Harrasment 6. Programming for the audience with disability I would humbly thank Ms Francyne Harrigan, Director, UNIC Indonesia and her colleagues, Ms Archana Kapoor, Consultant and renowned Media Activist from India, UN Women UNDP Indonesia, UNAids Indonesia, IOM, ILO, TVRI, RRI and many other stakeholders. #ThinkSDGs #UNDP #UNIC #SDGforMedia

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