Save PTV World



Few months back there was a threat for PTV World, Pakistan’s only state owned English channel that it would closed down by the government. Nabeel Tirmazi shares his views on the subject.

Mein PTV aur “WoH” Content: 00:00 American Sundi aur Pakistan 00:26 My small introduction 02: 56 My career in PTV 07: 47 Former PTV Mds and Naach Na Janay Aangan Teyrra 12:16 Sarkari Tarraqi aur Khadshaat 14:28 Why every Pakistani should be concerned for PTV 15:30 Legacy k chakar mein apna Aaj kharab kaise hota hai 17:40 PTV World ka karna kiaaa hai ????? 18:40 Kia waqai PTV Khasaray mein ?? (Paishgi Mazarat ) 19:58 PTV World ka karna kiaaa hai ????? 21:55 Humare doston ki bongiyaan 22:45 Soft Power aur mujhe Asia Round Table conference mein parhne wali Ghoriyaan aur Aqeedat k Haar 😀 26:42 Private Parties aur Angrezi ka channel ? :/ 27:50 Aik Naseehat mujhe Mian Faseehat se 28:57 American Sundi aur Pakistan #savePtvWorld

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