The Conscience Vortex: Graphic Novel




The word “multiverse” is used in many different ways, but it usually means the idea of parallel universes or worlds. The idea of the “multiverse” comes from physics. It is based on the idea that our universe may be just one of many universes that exist in a larger space.

In a fictional setting, the word “multiverse” refers to the idea of multiple fictional universes within a larger fictional setting. It also refers to the idea of multiple parallel worlds or alternate dimensions that exist within the same fictional universe. In this case, the multiverse can be used to explore the possibilities of different realities and situations in the same fictional setting.

2022 was a wonderful year in which I was able to participate in AI art communities from around the world. Thanks to Kris Kashtanova ‘s initiative, I got the opportunity to work with this amazing team on a graphic novel that was generated by using various A.I. art models.

The team comprises talented individuals from Australia, Egypt, India, Pakistan (Malaysia), the Philippines, Thailand, the UK, the USA, and Venezuela.

Keep an eye out for our first graphic novel, which will be the first one of its kind ever made on this subject.

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