Visit to Lok Virsa Museum




Starting from 5500 years old Sumerian & Egyptian cultural influence, the land of various Hindu gods and also, where the Buddhism rose, this part of the world comprises numerous diverse cultures.
In last millennium, invasions from Arabs, Afghans, Mongols, Turks, French & Britishers added more colors to its culture.These influences are still reflected in the lifestyles of the natives and also in languages, but the question remains that are we still both adaptable and yet conservative about the legacy of our ancestors? Two-nation theory was important in pre-independence era, but does it requires to disown our cultural roots? Does the concept of global village means to obsolete the old traditions?. These questions may seem like paradox, but in reality we really are influenced from diverse cultures but confused from diverse perceptions as well.

Here are few clicks from my recent visit of Lok Virsa museum, Islamabad

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