World Radio Day 2019 – “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”




The theme of World Radio Day 2019 is “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace” in context with sustainable development goals.

According to one of AIBD’s recent survey, highlighting issues related to ‘Poverty’ has a low priority for public broadcasters but sometimes private news channels exaggerate the statistics while criticizing their governments. How Asian-Pacific media is representing the issues of under bellied people? How this issue can be highlighted in a precise context? What is ‘poverty porn’? these were the topics of my presentation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the seminar in person because of some personal reasons, but organizers managed to streamed this lecture at the venue (thank you Ms Monica Phang). Later this presentation was published in April 2018 issue of ‘Broadcaster’ as an article.

Below are the clicks from the seminar. The event was jointly organized by AIBD and Information Ministry of Bangladesh. Full article can be read here:

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